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Don't have import documents?

It’s easy, we have a complete import permit and are ready to rent it out to companies or individuals who need an import permit or also known as undername import.

What is undername import?

Undername import is Undername’s way of importing goods from abroad by borrowing from another company that has a permit and is registered at customs. So that the import process runs smoothly and unwanted things don’t happen. It is better to choose a company that has a good reputation and is trusted, and you need to make a written agreement (Indentor Letter) and explain in the agreement whether you want Q/Q or directly to the Undername recipient.

Send an explanation to the supplier and state that the company is only appointed as the import agent, so that there is no misunderstanding.

We are one of the companies that have the most complete and cheapest Licensing.

We also serve all Undername export-import including those with terms and conditions. Before making a deal on the delivery of goods, the name borrowing company should first confirm with the overseas seller/supplier/shipper about the company whose name will be borrowed, along with its position in this agreement. After the supplier states that there is no problem, you also need to confirm again regarding the completeness of shipping documents such as invoices, packing lists, bills of lading and so on. Lastly, we must also confirm with the undername company about readiness to carry out the import process. If everything is ready, then the process of sending goods to Indonesia can be done.

After the goods are received at Indonesian ports, the freight forwarder will prepare documents for customs clearance through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system. This system requires the forwarder agent to pay import duty to the bank after which a customs notification about the import is made to Customs with supporting documents attached.

If your company does not yet have an IMPORT PERMIT (API, NIK or other permits) you can use our company undername as a consignee so that import activities can be carried out in your company that does not yet have an import license.

Undername facilities that we provide :

  • N P W P
  • A P I-U
  • S R P/N I K
  • N P I K
  • IT Elektronik


    • BAG IV ( HS NO. 1601 s/d 2403 ) Bahan Makanan & Minuman
    • BAG V ( HS NO. 2501 s/d 2716 ) Produk Mineral
    • BAG VI ( HS NO. 2801 s/d 3826 ) Bahan Kimia ( Chemical )
    • BAG VII ( HS NO. 3901 s/d 4017 ) Plastik & Barang dari Plastik
    • BAG X ( HS NO. 4701 s/d 4911 ) Kayu mekanik
    • BAG XI ( HS NO. 5001 s/d 6310 ) Textile & Barang Textile
    • BAG XII ( HS NO. 6401 s/d 6704 ) Karet atau plastik
    • BAG XIII ( HS NO. 6801 s/d 7020 ) Batu & Produk Keramik
    • BAG XIV ( HS NO. 7101 s/d 7118 ) Logam mulia ( Besi & Baja )
    • BAG XV ( HS NO. 7201 s/d 8311) Besi dan besi cermin
    • BAG XVI ( HS NO. 8401 s/d 8548 ) Mesin & Peralatan Mekanis
    • BAG XVII ( HS NO. 8601 s/d 8908 ) Kendaraan & Perlengkapannya
    • BAG XVIII ( HS NO. 9001 s/d 9209 ) Lensa dan cermin
    • BAG XXI ( HS NO. 9701 s/d 9803 ) Seni & Kolektor
    • BAG XX ( HS NO. 9401 s/d 9619 ) Hasil Pabrik